Effective Asset Protection For Significant Estates

An effective estate plan can answer many potentially contentious questions and ensure that the benefit you intended to provide to your loved ones is delivered. For estates with substantial assets and property, issues can arise which can have a significant impact on its value and the benefit it is able to provide:

  • Estate taxes — Estate taxes can consume a large portion of the inheritance you were hoping to pass down if you fail to build a sound estate plan. There are options available to minimize tax burdens.
  • Probate — The probate process has many disadvantages that make it worth avoiding. Costs, delays and the fact that it is a public process that exposes family matters in publicly accessible records are among some of the main reasons to build an estate plan that helps keep your estate out of probate.
  • Disputes among heirs — Failing to leave clear, concise directions regarding your estate can easily lead to disputes and conflicts among your loved ones. The cost of any fighting over the estate can destroy or vastly diminish the value you intended to pass on.

Creative Estate Planning Solutions

Every estate is unique. Everyone's goals for what they hope to do with their estate, no matter how similar, require unique solutions. Only by coupling experience with a deep knowledge of that person's goals and the context of his or her estate can a truly effective estate plan be built. Attorney Stephen J. DiGianfilippo has been providing his clients with skilled estate planning counsel for more than 20 years. He understands what tools are available and how to use them to maximize the benefit his clients receive.

Passing Your Business To The Next Generation

Many significant estates are built through entrepreneurship and the years of hard work business owners are required to put in. When it comes time for the next generation to take over your life's work, you want to ensure the smoothest succession possible. An effective estate plan can help create a seamless transition that protects the value of your business so it can benefit your loved ones for years to come.

More Than 40 Years Of Combined Experience

At Vieira & DiGianfilippo Ltd., we know the value tailored estate planning can provide in terms of avoiding taxes, probate and disputes. Our firm offers comprehensive estate planning services that are backed up by decades of experience.

Asset Protection In Providence

Your estate has complex issues that need to be taken into account. We have the depth of experience and the skills necessary to help you. To schedule an initial consultation, call 401-400-3375 in Providence and 508-297-6163 in So. Easton, or contact us online.