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Clients confidently turn to our law firm for guidance in several key areas of law. 

Skilled Commercial Law Representation In Massachusetts And Rhode Island

Every business owner will face moments where the decision he or she makes could create a significant benefit or do substantial harm to his or her business. When those moments arise, the benefit of having experienced counsel you trust with the future of your business is clear.Our firm offers its experienced counsel to business owners who are facing any type of issue, including:
  • Formation — Making the right choices for your business at the outset can help avoid issues later and protect all of the hard work you put into it. Choosing the right type of entity to form can shape the course of your business.
  • Buying/selling a business — The purchase or sale of a business is an opportunity that needs to be maximized. Any errors can seriously damage your investment. Having skilled counsel by your side can protect that investment.
  • Contracts — Being able to ensure that you have enforceable agreements with customers and other businesses and those agreements benefit you is essential to the success of a business.
  • Consulting on new businesses — When you are considering beginning a new business there are numerous issues to consider. Our experience can help you understand the issues you may face and how to make your business thrive.
  • Liquor licenses — Securing a liquor license can be difficult. But, for businesses such as restaurants and taverns, it is essential.
  • Real estate — Leasing, selling or purchasing property can be an essential component of a successful business. Our wealth of experience in commercial real estate can help you make the most of any transaction.
  • Regulatory issues — Compliance with zoning, environmental or other types of regulation can be a critical hurdle for your business to overcome. Our experience can help you keep your business moving forward instead of becoming bogged down by regulatory issues.

The Confidence That Comes From Working With Experienced Counsel

At Vieira & DiGianfilippo Ltd,  we offer decades of business law experience that allows our clients to make the informed decisions they need to be able to move forward with confidence. Many of our clients have worked with us on multiple issues over the years. We work hard to earn our clients’ loyalty, and we value the long-term relationships we have built within the business community.

Business Law Attorneys In Massachusetts And Rhode Island

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