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Clients confidently turn to our law firm for guidance in several key areas of law. 

Estate Planning

Plan for what will happen to
your assets.

Real Estate

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commercial needs.

Business Law

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Valuable And Sustainable Solutions

With more than 55 years of combined experience focused on providing the estate planning, real estate law and business law solutions our clients need, Vieira & DiGianfilippo Ltd. delivers results and counsel our clients value. The solutions we obtain now serve our clients for years to come.

Protecting Individuals And Businesses In Rhode Island And Massachusetts

Key Legal Services

Estate planning, real estate law and business law — some might argue that these areas of law form the foundation of an individual’s financial well-being. Our law firm certainly recognizes the important role that strong estate plans, sound real estate transactions and wise business moves can play in an individual’s life. By focusing for decades on these areas of law, we have developed a depth and breadth of experience that enables us to achieve a wide range of goals for our clients.

Long-Term Attorney-Client Relationships

Just as we seek sustainable legal solutions for our clients, we seek sustainable attorney-client relationships. In fact, the areas of law in which we practice lend themselves to the development of long-term relationships. Whether your family seeks an attorney to assist several generations with estate planning or you would like to work with the same attorney for future real estate transactions or your business is undergoing growth, turn to us. We believe that lasting relationships allow us to serve our clients better. Additionally, these trusted relationships are the strongest endorsement of the quality of service we provide, and we value them immensely.

Our lawyers provide experienced legal representation upon which individuals and businesses can rely now and in future. To schedule an initial consultation, call our firm at 508-339-7179. You can also contact us online.

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